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The name'a Laurel. Child of God.

Riding Instructor and Hunter Jumper. Artist. Call the Midwife super fan.

TCM obsessed. Always hopeful of adventure.

  • plumandfinch:

    The times she felt the safest, the surest, were marked by small things. When they danced, swaying slowly and easily around the living room, his warm hand pressed gently against the curve of her lower spine. Sometimes they talked and she had to lean back to look up at him but when they were silent…

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  • I don’t want anything back, I’ve been given so much…

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  • plumandfinch:

    Can I just say, y’all are really lovely. I was so nervous to post my first story, which was the first that I’ve written…possibly since I was a teenager? And the reception was so nice and supportive! Not that I expected anything less from you wonderful Nonnatuns but, you know, it’s scary to put…

    You, my friend, are marvelous.

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  • Let one of my favorite barn children ride Stryder for me this afternoon. Which gave me the rare opportunity to take pictures of her in the arena!

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  • Love my kitty cat. #Shelagh #siamese #kitty #cutie #adorbs #cat #catsofinstagram #blueeyes #prettygirl

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  • I just received an email from Amazon suggesting that I read Then Came Heaven. Way ahead of you Amazon, way ahead of you.

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  • rockbird86:

    For my-little-yellowbird, here is my penance… It’s 5.30 am here, and I am sitting up writing a teeny tiny ficlet that it is your punishment to have to read.. Did you get that? 5.30am! Oh and it’s 407 words and yes i do read the tags :D

    Prompted by the photo


    “Timmy, don’t let…

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  • this-unruly-heart:

    Let’s see: Christmas, baby Angela at the clinic, a lovesick nurse, disgruntled Sister Evangelina, and a little Turnadette — all told from a totally different point of view.

    And a cameo appearance by the kitchen sink. Literally.


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  • All Things Considered


    All things considered, it had been quite pleasant waiting in the office. He had been handed a milky cup of tea and cookies had been procured. The three big windows looked out on the play yard and if he sat up straight in his chair and craned his neck, he could keep up with the impromptu cricket match being played.

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