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The name's Laurel. Child of God.

Riding Instructor and Hunter Jumper. Artist. Call the Midwife super fan.

TCM obsessed. Always hopeful of adventure.

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    Just taking a quick break from homework… 

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    The famous rowing scene story from Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, told by Robert Mitchum:

       “She was a touch edgy now and then, but no temper — absolutely no temper.
       Of course, there was that day when Deborah and I were out in a life raft off Tobago, trying to catch the giant turtle we needed to keep us alive. The sun was blazing, the sea was rough, and we had been going through the same piece of action for hours. Deborah was wearing her heavy nun’s outfit, and she was paddling the life raft, while I was trying to spear the turtle.
       The director, John Huston, was behind us in the camera skiff, and pretty comfortable, I might say, while all the time he was bawling, ‘Faster, Deborah; paddle faster. You’re not working hard enough.’
       Suddenly the flimsy paddle in Deborah’s blistered hands broke in half. For a moment she sat there, glaring at Huston. Then she picked up a piece of the broken paddle and flung it straight at, John’s head. ‘There,’ she said, ‘that will show you how blankety hard I’m working, Mr. Huston!’ 
       But she wasn’t mad. Just edgy.”

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  • We rode at sunset the other day. It was lovely!

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  • Found — Trixie


    Found — Trixie

    A/N: Look who decided to write some fic again! I know it’s been awhile, and I’m rather rusty, so bear with. 

    Trixie took one last glance in her compact mirror and frowned. “I know Jane, Chummy and Sister Bernadette all had good reasons for leaving, but after that clinic I feel like escaping myself. There’s not enough powder in the world to cover these dark circles.” She shut the compact with an…

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    Judy Garland in The Harvey Girls (1946).

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    Patrick looking at Shelagh behind the door….

    (every cut reveals things that I have instinctively felt that should have been there for the narrative…I have to calm down or I write smcganns a cross tweet like “We NEEd at least the scriptbook! Can’t you edit it, just to…ermmm…make a few bucks for the family)


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  • sincerelyrobink:

    Part four of nine, once again Patrick’s turn.

    Thanks for the encouraging words, peeps, they help me to keep going. :)

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