Greetings! The name's Laurel. Passionate for Christ. I'm thoroughly consumed with Call the Midwife feels and fan art. I'm also a riding instructor and horse owner, so prepare yourself for pics of my paint face mare. Don't be afraid to say hello! I love talking to fandom peeps.

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    A short summary of Downton Abbey series 5:


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    Sometimes! But then I remember the emotional pain I went through the first time I saw series three and I think “I can’t possibly go through those feels again!”

    If I could start over, I’d watch Series 2 again — at least the first part up until Sister B gets tuberculosis. And I’d watch the Brit version this time, because there’d be no cuts and I’d spot the Turnadette romance much, much sooner. PBS cut so much, I just thought they were good friends up until the spirit lamp scene — and then my reaction was very Sister Evangelina-like (Huh? Wait a sec…no! She’s a nun! When did this happen? This can’t happen, what do you think this is, The Sound of Music? You can’t just…well…maybe…awww….I kind of ship it….no, I really, really ship it. Damn)

    But Series 3…I think I’d at least skip Episode 4, just like I skip Sybil’s death episode every time I watch Downton. You can’t just casually rewatch that. You need to carbo-load first, and then make time for a long nap afterwards.

    The first time I thought of Sister B and Dr. Turner together was when she was using the autoclave, but it was more wishful thinking at that point. Then I started flailing during the spirit lamps scene. Good times.

  • This might just be a very appropriate choice.

    REASON #187381728 TO REBLOG:


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    fics that aren’t blatantly bad, just good enough that you get hooked with the plot before you hit all the “no no no they wouldn’t have said that no absolutely not, not that way, not in that tone; why is he doing that; I don’t understand how you could interpret that character this way whether they’re secondary or not; in what universe is that a believable course of action; what is proper dialogue punctuation” like the equivalent of fanfiction speedbumps

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  • I’ve said it a thousand times, my grandfather could be John Wayne’s clone. He LOOKS like him and talks exactly like him, too. It’s really freaks me out.

  • Judy Garland and Charles Walters dancing in Presenting Lily Mars (1943).

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